White Umbrella-Grey Ash WatchingWomen Holding Cherry Blossoms Below Mt. FujiSakurajima DreamingSeeking Shelter from the StormThree Men-One TreeSakurajima RestingTwo Men and ChairThree SoldiersLooking ForwardBlowing WindsUnzen AshConversation PointOne Deck Long StandingDiscourseLeaning In Discussing Two Possibilities Measuring ShadowWaiting by RailingEntering TogetherLong Shot WaitingDreamingGroupsStanding TallSchool Girls Descending a Staircase Viewing Blooms Different Directions StandingWalking Towards BloomsTalking Through Table Setting Friends
This selection of paintings on paper are from my artist book The Art of Arranging Japanese Volcanoes created during my travels to Japan in summer 2013.

Here I paint the forces that produce instability inherent in Japan’s natural world, a world filled with volcanoes, tsunamis, and earthquakes. I then contrast that world with the human desire for systems of order, balance, harmony and calm often found in Japanese Ikebana (flower arranging). Like my paintings, Japanese Ikebana is a disciplined art form in which the forces of culture and nature are brought together.

There are two versions of my artist book, the digital and the unique editions.

Individual Giclee print of paintings can be ordered from the artist.