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I find myself going to places to paint where the wild is still more dominant than human culture. For me, this journey began in 1996 going to the Big Island of Hawaii the southern most island in the United States. Hawaii’s southern latitudes held me for 16 years with a side visit to Kyushu Japan its southern Island.

For the last two years, I traveled north to Iceland, by air, then to the Canadian arctic and into the North West Passage, and Northern Greenland. The Arctic Archipelago is an intricate network of inter-island channels. In 2019, I went to Southern Greenland, and Wild Labrador.

My northern adventures were taken by small ship. With the ship acting as a floating home, I explored by zodiac transport remote waters and lands not accessible except by boat or air.

I floated upon the ocean and ice as a passenger of time not a maker.
The ice cores and glaciers record time past and then melt into the present. Like the ocean and ice, my images expand and recede in and out of spatial realms.

The paintings in this section reflect my experiences in the wild and moved from there into my studio. The 2D space on my canvas, is interrupted and disrupted using shallow relief made by layers of paint and paper to create a 3D space.

Process and paint work together. Space also is built by relationships of paint and paper and image, and placement of these relationships provide orientation.