Painter | Book Artist

My work places recognizable and abstract images into dream-like cultural landscapes. It is the displacement, interaction and then connection of the images that pushes the paint. In a modern sense they are algorithms- a road map that tells you how to get from one place to another. Like all maps, it is a rendition - a best attempt at reflecting a current reality, recognizing that the map is not the landscape. The images, patterns and paint are fluid as they form, emerge and disappear into past, present and future.



HAWAII October 2013

October brings an exhibit at Wailoa Art and Cultural Center, part of Hawaii Museums Association and is located in Hilo, Hawaii.

I will be showing the 50 paintings photographed from my book One Hundred Views of Kilauea Volcano-Volume One: 1-50. Visitors will be able to purchase the book and Giclee fine art digital prints of individual paintings from the exhibit.

Show dates are October 4-25, 2013.
October 4th is the exhibit’s opening party.